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Curbside Service

As we attempt to adapt to ever-changing circumstances regarding the virus and its consequences, we have decided to adopt a flexible strategy in regards to Curbside Service.   Of course we prefer to see our clients in face-to-face, but when circumstances dictate, we will offer curbside service.    Here’s how the process works:

*TIP* Bring a well-charged mobile phone with you!  Along with a face mask and credit card!

  • Upon arrival, call us at 508-653-1096 and remain in your vehicle
  • We will inform you if we are seeing clients face-to-face or if we are curbside

If curbside:

  • A technician will call you to take a history
  •  Make sure your pet is in a closed carrier or strong and secure leash as appropriate.
  • Then a technician will come out to retrieve your pet. Please wear a face mask during face-to-face interactions with our staff.
  • After the examination, the doctor will call to review findings and the plan
  • The desk staff will call you one last time to secure payment with a credit card
  • We will bring your pet back to your vehicle along with any medications or food you might need
  • Exceptions to this protocol will be made for euthanasia appointments – please call the office when you arrive and someone will escort you into an exam room with your pet.

No Show / Cancellation Policy

All clients are required to give at least 24 hours advanced notice when cancelling any appointment. No Show / Late Cancellations will be charged $20 for technician appointments and $40 for veterinary appointments. See More Details